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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1921862556. 1 million are implanted each year around the world. Pacemakers require a skilled cardiologist to implant the device under the skin near the collar bone and then affix the leads to whichever areas of the heart need pacing. The leads are a weak feature of pacemakers as they sometimes fracture, and the risk of infection from implanting a large foreign object into the body is also substantial. Depending on the patient’s particular arrhythmia, either single- or dual-chamber pacemakers are indicated.

4 billion per year in new device sales alone. 10th the size of a traditional device. Indian market and Medtronic’s long-standing presence there was a big part of the company’s motivation to develop this technology. In a 2010 TEDMED talk Dr. Oesterle, SVP for Medicine and Technology at Medtronic, explained that, «Right now, in the United States, for our population, we have somewhere in the region of 3,000 cardiologists who are trained in implanting pacemakers. The benefits of the Medtronic Micra TPS include cosmetic invisibility, implantation directly into the heart, minimally invasive and easier implantation procedure, and a lead-less form factor.

The device’s battery life is estimated to be nearly 10 years and, once positioned, it can be easily repositioned and retrieved if necessary. Could Medtronic’s Micra TPS Succeed in The U. Medtronic could go one of two marketing routes with this device. Over time the technology would likely progress to the point of overtaking traditional pacemakers on most relevant dimensions and provide Medtronic, and potentially St. 10,000 per device and will seek a new, higher reimbursement code from CMS.