Minecraft cannons

Home Minecraft Mods Too Much TNT Mod 1. The minecraft cannons of TNT that the mod will add have some specific uses rather than a few boring blocks like the original TNT. Nuke TNT: Only use to break map, loud explosion.

Fire Bomb: All the blocks in the influencing areas will burn. Napalm: Create a small lava pool when exploding, mainly lava damage. Meteor: A little louder explosion than C4 and shoot Scatter Bomb in the surrounding. C4: A little stronger than TNT. Hydrogen bomb: Be a little stronger than Nuke TNT.

Projectile: Explode after sixteen seconds, or fly over the far distance. Bundled Projectile: Explode after eight seconds, mainly used for TNT cannon. Antimatter: Be stronger than Scatter Bomb 5 times. PrecisionTNT: A small explosion, give many ores from the block.